22nd June 2021 admin

Encouraging pupils, with a little help from their teacher and parents to get involved in protecting and preserving their local green space, beaches and beautiful coastline is something we are very passionate about. In support of National Thank you Day and the G7 Summit, all 206 schools and colleges across Cornwall now have their very own eco-tool kit.

Littering is one of those things that no upside. It is an eyesore, it spread dirt and bacteria, it’s an expensive problem to deal with and it harms the planet. Sadly, over the large majority of litter ends up in the ocean. In fact, over 9 billion tonnes of rubbish finds its way into the sea every year.

Be part of the change – whilst Litter picking open your eyes to the scale of the problem, every piece of litter collected will help our eco system, protect wildlife and you can see the difference. There is increasing support for the use of pro-environment volunteering as a way to overcome ecological and public health challenges. It’s a great boost to mental health and well-being, the area where you live, to the oceans we enjoy playing in. But watch out, it’s quite infectious too!

Made by the team in Herefordshire, the Litter pickers now contain 39% recycled material. Helping Hand sustainable manufacturing is committed to minimising the negative environmental impact, conserve energy and natural resources. Testing to perform over 200,000 picks, these Litter grabbers are tried and trusted to be used again and again part of the Helping Hand family; from 18″/45cm Tidy Jon Pro upto our 10ft Litterpicker Pro.

Blisland Primary School “The children have recently asked about litter picking the local area. We have been meaning to source some equipment and resources, thank you for providing them for free”.

Working in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy, Eco-Schools International, Beach Guardian and Ellie Jackson (author of) Wild Tribe Heroes this is just one project and part of Helping Hand Environmental commitment to support a more sustainable future . To find out what’s happening in your area, please follow on UK Litterpicking Groups or sign up online ….