Market Leading Pressure Management

Helping Hand Pressure Care is a division of The Helping Hand Company. A market leader of innovative Pressure area care solutions in the effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Clinically proven, delivering real value for money with in house design and manufacturing expertise based in Herefordshire, England. Our seating products are prescribed every day by healthcare professionals across the NHS, in the Acute and Community sector.

Who We Supply To

Supporting mobility and independence is essential to maintaining good health. For the last 30 years, we have worked with clinicians and professionals to develop effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, across a broad client profile, including those with complex, long term conditions, their carers and those they provide care for. Products that will enhance both the comfort and quality of life.

In conjunction with Symmetrikit Postural care, we combine our award winning pressure care with specialist seating solutions to provide excellent postural management and clinically proven pressure cushions.

The Next Generation of Pressure Care

It is so important to promote regular movement to maintain good circulation and skin integrity. The iQ range is the next generation of prevention assistance. Built in sensing will monitor pressure the entire time you are seated and prompt you to move routinely. The clever technology will also give peace of mind and intervene earlier if your pressures peak due to poor change in position.

To assist the prescription process ensuring the right level of care for each client – first time, every time, we have developed the Indicator Cushion. A simple traffic light system, this assessment tool helps to identify which cushion in our range would work for each client, avoiding incorrect and sometimes costly over-prescription.

Complete Pressure Care Provision Under One Roof

We believe in sharing knowledge. Bringing together our product research, design and engineering expertise with clinical experience over the last 30 years, we have lots to share. Working together with healthcare professionals, clients and their carers, using this knowledge to ensure the best outcomes of those we aim to help. To find out when we will next be in your area or to book a seminar, visit

Your complete Pressure Care provision under one roof – from design to manufacture direct to your door. To find out how we can help you, please call our team on 01531 800199, or for more details on products