The Helping Hand Company Modern Slavery Declaration

Compliance with forced Labour requirements
The Helping Hand Company do not use involuntary labour to manufacture, assemble or distribute its products; employees are voluntarily employed of their own free will.

Employees are voluntarily employed and all overtime work is voluntary

General Practice:
• Prison Labour is not used
• Government issued identification; passport or work permits are not withheld from the employee without their consent
• Employees are not in debt with the Company that prohibits them from leaving the employment
• Employees are allowed to leave employment any time with reasonable notice
• The Company grants employees permission to leave the Company under reasonable circumstances, such as personal or family emergency, without disciplinary penalty.
• Employees are not physically prevented or delayed from leaving the Company premises
• Employees are free to terminate employment without being penalised financially or otherwise within legal statutes
• All overtime work is voluntary
• Employees are allowed reasonable movement in the workplace and to use basic facilities, e.g. toilets, access to drinking water
• The Company establishes a written set of instructions for all subcontractors and hiring agents that prohibits forced labour and actively verifies compliance