Bosbury Primary School

Bosbury Primary School Donation

In March 2020, we donated a reading shed to Bosbury Primary School.  The school was struggling with space to provide one on one reading with the youngest children and therefore some of our employees put their DIY skills to good use building the shed during a weekend.  The children were delighted when they returned to school to discover their new reading shed.  We are delighted to contribute to further increasing their enthusiasm in books and learning to read.

Hereford Recycle & Reuse

One mans trash is another mans treasure..

Why should we recycle – conserve resources, save energy, protect the environment, reduce landfill? Absolutely, but did you also know that by recycling stuff that we would normally through away, it can be converted into money to help those in need?

Nearly 3 years ago Andrew Wood set up the Herefordshire Recycling and Reuse group, he now has over 5,000 active Facebook members. They collect bottle tops and crisp packets, old cables and leads, all which can be sold on to be recycled and raise thousands of pounds for local charities. Clothing, bedding, toys & books, furniture including beds, sofas, chairs, fridge, cooker, microwaves all donated free to help create new homes for struggling families. The current pandemic has seen a surge in both the donations and the support needed for so many vulnerable people across Herefordshire. However collecting, and moving the furniture has become a real nightmare! Now Andrew has his own 100% recycled van!

Andrew Wood

I am a solo worker and a volunteer. I’ve worked together with the team at Helping Hand on many projects over the years including sponsorship of a primary school as part of our Schools recycling project, making ‘Brummie bull’ as part of our Education programme and more. Their latest recycling project has left me truly speechless! Sadly we have a growing number of vulnerable people across Herefordshire who need our support – and now we will be able to do even more.

Gavin James, Managing Director

It is a great pleasure to see and support a local initiative that does so much for the environment while supporting those in need. Andrew it is a treat to be associated with you.

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Donation to Womens Aid

Donation to Women's Aid

This Christmas our Community Scheme donated Christmas presents to the women and children staying at the Women’s Refuge.

The parcels included towels, pyjamas, slippers, soaps and aromatherapy sets for the women and hats, scarfs, toys and sweets for the children.

COVID-19 update – May 13 2020

With the recent announcements from the Government, the COVID-19 outbreak continues to cause a lot of uncertainty across the UK. We can all help control the spread of the virus by being sensible in how we go about our daily activity.

Here in Herefordshire, our manufacturing is at full capacity and we have a large supply of community care equipment available for immediate despatch. To support patients discharge from hospital, safely, efficiently and effectively, to their home. We also offer priority delivery for NHS trusts, local authorities and care homes.

To ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues, the Sales teams are working remotely and have been busy working across digital platforms to complete virtual assessments, deliver education and answer technical queries. This week we are learning that Healthcare professionals are starting to return to managing case loads and want to reassure that we too, are here to help. Face to face appointments – we now have full PPE available and a team of Field Sales Advisors to support with essential appointments allowing for the appropriate safety protocol. Please contact your local Advisor to discuss your specific requirements.

We remain committed to being responsible for what we do, those we serve and truly value the support you give in trading with us.

Please take care of yourselves and each other.

Gavin James, Managing Director

Local Foodbank Donations

Local Foodbank Donations

In April 2020 we donated £5,000 to the Ledbury and Hereford Food Banks to help with the increased demand caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jonathan Andrew, Hon Treasurer at Ledbury Food Bank said, “This donation is exceptionally generous. I know that The Helping Hand Company has been working very hard in the present coronavirus pandemic to meet urgently needed supplies so we are grateful that they have given consideration to the needs of our local community”.

Phil King, Treasurer at Hereford Food Bank said, “A most generous donation. As you can imagine, in the current crisis there is a greatly increased demand for our services so your gift is very welcome. Thank you for thinking of us.

Christmas Toy Donation

Hereford Hospital Christmas Toy Donation

On Christmas Eve some of our employees and their children dressed as Santa and his elves to donate 50 presents to the Children’s Ward at Hereford County Hospital. 35 of our employees got involved in the project by helping to purchase the presents whilst out doing their Christmas shopping.

Infinity Trust – Score

Infinity Trust - Score

In July 2019 we took on our biggest project yet, to makeover a centre for young adults with learning disabilities based in Hereford.

We invested £5,000 into this project.  7 employees of the Helping Hand gave up time over three weekends to give the whole centre a fresh coat of paint and lay lino in the toilets.  They also funded and arranged the installation of new carpet, hand dryers, a TV and a cooker to help increase the independence skills being taught at the centre.

Score’s manager, Claire Jackson said on their website “I cannot believe the generosity of Helping Hand.  The people we support were so excited to return and noticed the change as soon as they walked in.”

Hereford Food Bank

Hereford Food Bank

In June 2019, we responded to a request in the local paper looking for donations to The Hereford Food Bank as their supplies were running desperately low.  In particular there was a request for  vegan products.

Two of our employees based at our Rotherwas location delivered £500 of basic essentials and £225 of vegan products to The Food Bank.

Killamarsh Autistic and PDA Support Group

Killamarsh Autistic and PDA Support Group

We have purchased £725 of toys and craft equipment designed to help and support children with autism who attend the Killamarsh Autistic and PDA Support Group.  One of our Area Sales Managers who lives locally to the Centre will be handing over our donation to the children.

Ledbury Swifts Football Club

Ledbury Swifts Football Club

In June 2019 the Helping Hand Company ran a sweets, crisps and drinks stall at the Swifts Junior Football Tournament held at Ledbury Rugby Club where around 1,000 children and their families attend the annual competition.

Four employees of the Helping Hand manned the stall during the Saturday and Sunday that the tournament took place.  £600 of sweets, crisps and drinks were purchased by The Helping Hand and the stall raised £1,300 to help keep subs low and keep football accessible for all local children.