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Sustainable living is something that we can all do by making simple changes every day. Here are just a few reasons how recycling this will reduce your environmental impact by recycling:

– Conserves natural resources: recycling paper and wood saves trees; recycling plastic means creating less demand for new plastic

– Protect our eco system and wildlife: recycling will reduce the need to harvest, grow or extract new raw materials

– Save energy: making products from recycled material requires less energy than making them from new raw materials. It can be as much as 40% less energy to make paper from recycled pulp

– Reduce climate-changing carbon emissions

– Cheaper waste collection and disposal: the more we recycle, the less we put in bins to landfill, the more money is saved, good news for households, businesses and local public services

Across communities, towns and parish councils, an army of volunteers support the Local authorities collecting Litter. For residents in Wychavon, Malvern Hills and Worcestershire, they can now make even more of an impact on their daily Litter picks. The latest recycling project, featuring the Handicart Lite and Handicart Duo donated through Helping Hand Community Trust, each resident can increase the litter they collect by as much as 240% and separate recyclables to reduce waste going to landfill.

“Thank you very much for choosing Evesham Town Council to join your project. I am volunteer for Anti-Litter Evesham who receives their equipment from Wychavon and also I am an Adopt a street volunteer. I go litter picking at least once a week around different areas and this cart will be extremely useful to me on my litter picks” Evesham Town Council

As part of our commitment to sustainable manufacturing, each one of the Litter picking carts contain 35% recycled material content and are 100% recyclable. Complete with dual hoop, you can create your own two way waste stream of dry mixed recyclables and general waste. Whilst every area has different waste streams and processes for recycling, this should not be a reason to not do it.

To find out more about the range of sustainable litter segregation carts

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