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Helping Hand Community Projects

The company and employees are part of our local community and The Helping Hand Company contribute to help make it the place we are proud to be part of.  If we give support to the young and help inspire them, if we support those who are struggling, if we help engender pride then we will have achieved our goal.

It is about engagement, we all are part of the community and through these funds we aim to help facilitate change.  To this objective the company has allocated £20k this year and hopefully in years to come.

Each quarter we will aim to spend £5k in support of local causes.

Our primary objective is not to hand out cash but help facilitate community engagement. The definition of Local initially be set in priority as..

  1. Ledbury and surrounding villages
  2. Hereford.
  3. Areas where staff live in Herefordshire

Supported Projects


Hereford Hospital Christmas Toy Donation

December 2019


Killamarsh Autistic and PDA Support Group

August 2019


Infinity Trust - Score

July 2019


Hereford Food Bank

June 2019


Ledbury Swifts Football Club

June 2019


Ledbury Childrens Centre

May 2019

Foodbank (1)

Malvern Food Bank

March 2019

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